About Us

The mission of My Food Program is to increase participation in the CACFP while protecting Program integrity. We believe it’s possible to do both by creating an intuitive interface and leveraging technology to reduce the chances for mistakes and fraud.

Christine Twait
Registered Dietitian

Christine Twait Headshot

Christine is a registered dietitian with a masters degree in nutrition and specialized experience in USDA Child Nutrition programs. She is a recognized CACFP expert and has presented at national conferences and contributed to research projects seeking to quantify and improve CACFP participation rates across the country. Christine’s professional mission is making CACFP participation possible for all eligible programs with a focus on programs serving children and seniors from low-income households, communities of color and immigrant communities. She is enthusiastic about contributing to My Food Program as a software solution that makes the complicated recordkeeping requirements of CACFP intuitive and easy enough that everyone can be successful while protecting the integrity of the program.

Brent Chamberlain
Business Development Director

Brent Chamberlain Headshot

Brent has an MBA from the University of Michigan with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship. He started his career in the automotive industry, but found an opportunity in what has been considered a under-served sector to offer both a higher quality product and excellent customer service to people who are positively impacting the lives of children. He has a passion for strategic leadership, a relentless drive for results and recognizes that excellent customer service should be a company’s top priority. Brent heads up our sales team and would be happy to meet with you to discuss the merits of My Food Program and provide a hands-on demonstration of the software.

David Andreasen
Software Developer

Dave has been working as a professional software developer for over 25 years. His first professional coding job was in the late 80’s in the real estate business. It was during this time when he discovered the peace and beauty of data normalization. After some time in product development in the early 90‘s, Dave discovered the fun of writing boring software as a consultant to software organizations. He especially enjoys incorporating large amounts of relevant data into a program that is user-friendly and effective, making software that “just works”. Outside of work Dave enjoys outdoor pursuits, raising his 3 kids with his wife, and being active in the community.

Michael Leo
Software Developer

Mike’s been designing databases for quite some time. He started in the 80’s working for the avionics industry and the 90’s found him working for Baby Bells. He discovered a new, liberating environment with Java and has continued to design databases and the applications that edit them. Similar to David, he also enjoys the challenge of incorporating large amounts of relevant data into software that is easy to use and effective. Outside of work Mike enjoys ice hockey and Formula 1, just not combined.


Amy Raleigh
Marketing Director

Amy has worked in multiple industries throughout her career including printing, consumer products, travel/vacation and commercial car wash. Her career began in photography and graphic design, transforming over the years to include marketing, advertising and event planning. All of these experiences strengthened her as a professional, but she was still looking for a deeper purpose, a way to help others and have an impact on people’s lives. This is when she met Christine, and found the perfect opportunity to do just that. Amy leads our marketing efforts with excitement and a desire to influence the lives of others.