Child Care Centers

Welcome to the Child Care Center Training Section! Below you will find step-by-step instructions for setting up your My Food Program account. This is meant to be the optimal method of setting up My Food Program. Certain features work better if you input data in a specific order, as it allows you to match up certain data fields. While there is no “wrong” way to enter data, this guide will walk you through in a way that will minimize your effort. Be sure that you are logged into your My Food Program account and download the appropriate User Guide below.
Download User Guide for Managers
Download User Guide for Kitchen Staff
Download User Guide for Staff
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Import Templates (.csv format)
Download these templates in order to seamlessly upload multiple sites or participants at once.

We recognize all of these formats automatically:

Sites Import Template
Participants Import Template Version 1
This template works best if participant names are listed as “last name, first name” such as in the Procare system.
Participants Import Template Version 2
This template works best if participants last names and first names are in different columns, such as in the Minute Menu system.

Access Levels
View Access Levels

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Permissions Matrix
View Permission Matrix

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Dashboard Views
View Dashboards for Each Access Level

Please note that each access level will have a slightly different look to their dashboard.
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