How to Make the CACFP and SFSP Easier Through Software

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While you enjoyed the conference, we were hard at work developing our software package. When it comes to CACFP and SFSP management software, you have a choice! So, choose the program that makes your life easier. My Food Program software is available for all types of sites, including Family Day Care Homes, Child Care Centers, Emergency Shelters, Adult Day Care Centers, Afterschool Programs and Summer Food Service Programs. So no matter your site, we can make managing the CACFP and SFSP easier for you.
What We Offer
Internet-Based Software
My Food Program’s internet-based software utilizes an intuitive interface and leverages technology to automate the CACFP and SFSP and minimize mistakes. This software offers aggregated meal counts, automatic calculation of average daily attendance, running a single report to calculate Free/Reduced/Paid percentage, completion of all edit checks required for claims, and so much more!
Meal Count Mobile App
My Food Program is also mobile to make your life easier! Take a look at the My Food Program App – available on both the Google Play Store and iTunes!
My Food Program for Reviewers App
The My Food Program for Reviewers app is intended for sponsors to conduct and record monitoring visits to their sites to monitor compliance with CACFP regulations. The mobile application is available for free from both Google Play and the Apple Store.
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