Our Features


  • Track attendance
  • Record meal counts (by name or headcount)
  • Ability to designate a reason for attendance on a school day



  • Plan menus that comply with meal pattern requirements
  • Designate favorite foods
  • Save menus for future use
  • Copy menus from one week to another within the same site or within multiple sites within the same sponsorship
  • Estimate meal attendance by using participant schedules
  • Generate food production records
  • Enter meal orders (for sponsors that provide meals)



  • Create unlimited sponsor users
  • Accommodate CACFP and ARAM within the same site
  • Three different site user types: site director/manager, kitchen staff and teachers
  • Ability to track staff training and upload copies of training certificates, meeting agendas and sign-in sheets
  • Staff can record their hours spend on CACFP versus non-CACFP tasks and generate Staff Hours Details reports
  • Ability to lock meal counts into point of service (centers) or the day (home providers)
  • Split meals into shifts
  • Turn off meal validation (for users with other systems for tracking menus)
  • Ability to waive the requirement to enter infant menus
  • Upload the sponsor logo into the system to promote your organization
  • Customize days open and meals served
  • Track site principals and their training
  • Set licensing age ranges
  • Upload participants using any spreadsheet file


  • Disallow meals for not following CACFP regulations
  • Generate file to upload into state agency claiming systems *select states only
  • Comprehensive claims cross-checks


  • Add participants and sort them into rosters, add participants to multiple rosters without double-counting meals
  • Add enrollment form effective dates, upload enrollment forms, option to disallow meals for missing/expired enrollment forms
  • Add income eligibility form effective dates, upload income forms
  • Track percentage of participants eligible for subsidized care (separate from the claiming percentage)
  • Designate children as foster children for automatic placement into the A-Free category
  • Enter participant schedules
  • Enter details about provider or center-supplied formula and food, upload relevant documents
  • Mark a participant as not eligible for CACFP, which allows you to record their attendance and meal count but not include them in a claim
  • Income eligibility category calculator based on Federal poverty guidelines
  • Track special dietary needs, upload special dietary instructions
  • Track participant race/ethnicity data, automated race/ethnicity reporting



  • Enter expenses, option to apply a space-time percentage to expenses
  • Invoice households, generate revenue reports and pre-filled W-10s


  • Provide notice to sponsor of closures/field trips
  • Request custom review forms (we will take your monitoring form and enter it into our app!)
  • Conduct a monitoring visit on a tablet
  • Upload photos from a monitoring visit or scan a paper form