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“My Food Program made changing software programs easy for us and our providers.

We were nervous about switching CACFP software programs because family day care home providers, like everyone else, can be resistant to change. My Food Program provided us with custom training materials for our providers, web-based training for our staff and answered all of our questions with patience and professionalism. As a result of their support, our providers have transitioned to the new system very quickly. One of our favorite features as a sponsor is the ability to review and correct disallowed meals prior to claims creation. This gives us a chance to make sure we’ve logged all the enrollment forms and can contact providers for clarification on menu items or child information before we process claims and submit them to the state agency for payment. Not having to revise claims has saved us so much time. The customer service team at My Food Program has been great throughout; they always respond quickly and always have a helpful answer to my questions. If you are a sponsor worried about transitioning to a new CACFP software, take a look at My Food Program!”

Dan | Child Development Associates of Central Texas, Inc. | Pflugerville, TX

Little Tyke Learning Centers

“Do it soon!
Has made my life so much easier!!

My Food Program’s best feature is that it is user-friendly! I am getting lots of positive feedback from directors about how easy the program is to navigate, from inputting families and children to using the reports. We have saved time AND money knowing that our food and milk calculations are correct. Also, once the staff was shown the steps, they were excited by the amount of time and effort it saved them. My Food Program is always adjusting their software to help ensure that all of the CACFP rules are being followed. They are also patient and thorough with answering and explaining my questions, either on a call or through email, which are usually answered within hours.”

Linda | Little Tyke Learning Centers | Fort Worth (and surrounding areas), TX

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“By providing My Food Program as one of our recordkeeping options, we have retained family day care homes participating on the CACFP.

Providers of day care homes don’t have to be locked in to just one software. They can choose which system works for them and how they like to keep their records. My Food Program has helped our providers follow the CACFP rules by eliminating the food choices for items that are not creditable from their food lists. This guides providers as they are planning their menus and inputting their foods to ensure compliance. It is also helpful that on the menus it lists the serving sizes required for each child age group, to help remind providers of their correct serving sizes. They have also made the transition to our state requiring attendance records seamless for the providers, making it as easy as possible for them to add this to their daily record keeping. The customer service has been great, with quick responses and collaborations when necessary for new features or the functionality of current features. We have worked closely with a few My Food Program staff and they have been great at addressing our needs, even as new requirements come up to be met.”

Sherri | Child Care & Nutrition, Inc. | Ivanhoe, MN

ABCs and 123s

“I can’t even begin to calculate the time this software has saved me.

Before this, I never used any other system. I produced every record manually, which was time intensive and overwhelming. I could never go back to that and I don’t understand how I survived doing it all manually for 12 years! What was wrong with me??? Manual calculations of the food program are intensive and almost impossible to complete accurately every time. Now I don’t have to worry about any calculations. It’s all done for me! Automated calculations are essential to a successful program. It’s easy to focus on program rules when you’re not buried in paperwork. My Food Program is so affordable. It’s hard for me to understand how they can provide this level of assistance for such an affordable cost. My staff has had absolutely no resistance to the change to electronic recordkeeping. It is so user friendly and they like it so much better. It’s faster and easier for them to complete their tasks and the job actually gets done correctly. If we ever have any questions, there is always someone available and able to assist in a competent, efficient manner. Do it now! Quit frustrating yourself.”

Carol | ABC’s and 123’s | Manor, TX

Davis Professional

“Just do it!

Before My Food Program, I was keeping track of everything manually, but this software has made it so much more efficient. It has allowed me to easily know if a meal is reimbursable by meeting all of CACFP guidelines, as well as calculating food production amounts –which is my favorite feature! My Food Program has saved me time by eliminating the manual calculation of food quantities and verifying menus. In addition to these great time-saving features, the customer service is awesome! They are very prompt, always there when I need them and have stopped many meltdowns.”

Courtney | Davis Professional | Memphis, TN

New Horizon Academy

“No question goes unanswered and communication is stellar!

The My Food Program team has played a critical role in ensuring our unique needs of CACFP record-keeping are met. When we partnered with My Food Program we had a lot unique requests that they were able to fulfill. They have been amazingly supportive through the entire process. They have given us great guidance on how we adapt reports that we have needed, as well as creating reports to accommodate our needs. Being a self-sponsored program with several locations, My Food Program has allowed us to have direct oversight of all our sites in one location. It has saved time and provides a safer system for accuracy than we had previously using paper records. We have been able to submit our claims quicker and easier, which used to be a laborious manual process with a lot of room for human error. We now have more time to audit for accuracy. In addition to saving time, there are so many fail proof features built into the software that prevent centers from making mistakes (such as checking in children for a future meal service). We were able to easily download the My Food Program app for each classroom which is easy to use, simple to maintain and accurate. With My Food Program you will save time, money and it is much easier to comply with the CACFP regulations. We are able to send in our CN or Product Formulations prior to putting them on the menu, so we have guidance on what will qualify as well as the amount to serve. My Food Program has given us outstanding nutrition support whenever we have needed guidance. It’s a no brainer….Just do it!”

Jill and Darcy | New Horizon Academy | Plymouth, MN

Circle of Friends Child Development Center

“Anything we ask for, they always find a way to make it happen!

They have been the best! When we needed a different format on certain things, for example our calendar menu, My Food Program went above and beyond and created a format for us to use. We were definitely fed up with our old system and I would definitely recommend My Food Program. The first day I chatted with someone on the My Food Program website, they showed me how their program worked. It saves so much more time and paperwork! It’s really hard to say what feature is my favorite because everything is so great! If I did have to choose, it would be the easy access for the teachers to log their meal attendance on a tablet in the classroom. Once they hit the submit button, that’s it! Everything is to the point and easy to understand. Our staff loves this program. We also love the customer service… there are no words to describe the customer service experience. Since the very first day that I inquired about the program to now. They have been amazing and so helpful. They are so personable and go out of their way to make sure we are following the CACFP rules. They did a small webinar with all of the staff here at our facility and had a lot of patience. I’m very new with record keeping for meal attendance, so any questions I had, I would call Brent and he was ALWAYS there to help walk me through everything and make sure that I understood everything that was explained to me.”

Monique | Circle of Friends Child Development Center | Fairfield, CA

Central Alabama Child Nutrition, Inc.

“My advice would be to go for it.

My Food Program ranks at the top compared to the other recordkeeping system that we have used and makes processing claims faster and easier. I love the recordkeeping feature. It has also been easier to follow the CACFP rules having all the creditable foods listed in the software. With all the changes for USDA, this really makes it easier for my home provider’s to know that what they are serving will be reimbursable. The customer service has been wonderful and just having an online program that is very user friendly has saved me both time processing the monthly reports and money on printing.”

Della | Central Alabama Child Nutrition, Inc. | Prattville, AL

Purpose of Life Academy

“Excellent program to keep organized and save time and money!

Everything is automated and every meal can be marked via technology at the point of service. Being a bilingual center, the program’s automatic alerts have been a great help with the language barrier. We love that it ensures that you have each required food component because it makes menu planning extremely easy for us. Our state agency reviewed the software capabilities and features, and officially approved our use of the system. On top of that, the customer service has been phenomenal. This is our first software program and they answered all my questions and have been a great help!”

Ashley | Purpose of Life Academy | Indianapolis, IN

Dan Smeriglio

“A great partner!

My Food Program software is super reliable – we have not experienced any login problems or downtime. The customer service is knowledgeable, responsive and friendly. But the best part is their willingness to be a partner; they have involved us in developing new reports and features and truly value our input. We feel like more than just a customer to them.”

Dan | Partners In Quality Care | St Paul, MN

Grace Lutheran Child Development Center Photo

“It is one of the best decisions we have made as an organization.

The My Food Program staff has implemented a number of things that provide us with the information required for our State Monitor Program. As each month passes it becomes easier, and I trust the information I am seeing and love the way the program manages all of the information. Our staff routinely say that they never want to go back to completing handwritten forms on a daily basis!”

Steve | Grace Lutheran Child Development Center | Paris, IL

Stephanie Emery

“YES!!!! My Food Program has saved us time and payroll.

Switching to electronic recordkeeping will save you time from printing monthly count records for the classrooms and totaling them at the end of the month. This has also helped to ensure accuracy in counting meals.”
Stephanie | Children’s Garden Learning Center | Carlinville, IL

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“This tool has simplified the menu making process by a lot!

I can simply put a recipe into the system to make sure it meets the CACFP standards, without having to look through other recipes and menus for ideas. My favorite feature is how the system alerts me if my menu does not meet the dietary standards, and any ingredients that I find already listed in the software I know are approved for use.”

Viviana | Vineyard Children’s Center | Ann Arbor, MI

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