Payments to Centers and Providers

My Food Program Connects to QuickBooks
My Food Program connects to QuickBooks! This convenient feature is included in our simple pricing. With this option you can send ACH transfers or mail checks using any of the payment apps that link with QuickBooks, some of which are free and all of which meet stringent financial security regulations. We know you have a lot of questions when it comes to payments, so here are a few:
What are the benefits of using QuickBooks to pay my centers or providers? The specific benefits will depend on the system you current use to pay your providers or centers, but here are just a few of the possible benefits:
  1. No more purchasing check paper, envelopes or postage to send reimbursements.
  2. Make direct ACH payments from QuickBooks to your providers or centers; you do NOT have to import an ACH file to your bank.
  3. Accurate accounting; because your centers or providers are listed as vendors in QuickBooks, you can have a precise match between funds received from your state agency and the reimbursement sent to your sponsored sites.
Why doesn’t My Food Program just create an ACH file? Creating an ACH file is relatively straightforward, but financial security regulations are not. In order to store bank account information in accordance with NACHA Data Security Standards, we would have to spend our development funds on building and maintaining a payment system with rigorous financial security. For example, these standards require software to store bank account information encrypted or “unreadable”. If you are using a system to store bank account information and you can see the bank account number in plain text, that system is not complying with the NACHA Data Security Standards. If you can see it, a hacker could too!
Do I have to connect My Food Program and QuickBooks? Absolutely not. You can pay your providers or centers any way you like. If you’d like to use the claim information from My Food Program with another ACH software or your own bank, you are welcome to do that. Here is a handout that summarizes the options you have to pay providers or centers.
How does the My Food Program and QuickBooks connection work? There are a few steps that you need to do for the initial setup and then you’ll need to send the bills to QuickBooks each month. Below are the steps that summarize the process. Click on the links to learn more about each step in our Help Center articles::
QuickBooks Connection One Time
QuickBooks Connection Monthly
Ready to get started paying your providers and/or centers with QuickBooks? Review our instructional handouts below.
Options to Pay
Options to Pay Your Centers or Providers
QuickBooks Initial Setup and Sending Bills
QuickBooks Initial Setup and Sending Bills