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My Food Program is seeking sponsoring organizations of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program and/or USDA Summer Food Service Program throughout the country that will interface with their state agency to guide them through how our software works and meets all the requirements of participating. We are looking for sponsoring organizations that have a culture that embraces change, are energized by challenges and can provide honest and thorough feedback. Use of our software at no charge consists of up to and including six months. Please see the Program Goals and Q&A sections below for more information.

Program Goals

We’re excited to announce the second annual My Food Program Strategic Partner Program. The goals of the strategic partner program are:

  1. Increase participation in the CACFP among sites that qualify but do not participate. We hear time and again from organizations who could, or did, participate in CACFP that their conclusion was that the sheer quantity of record keeping paperwork was so immense it would equal the reimbursement or even exceed it. We seek to change that and lower the burden of record keeping so more sites are able to participate.

  2. Lower the tangible and intangible costs of switching or implementing software. Tangible costs come from the expense of training sites and staff and changing legacy systems. Intangible costs come from the stress of wondering how your sites and staff will feel about a new system, the worry of going through a state agency review using different software and the concern that heaping even more change on top of a new meal pattern and stagnant reimbursement rates will cause a decline in your sponsorship. That’s where our support can help. We want to craft our software so that it’s easy and intuitive for sponsor staff, site staff and state agency reviewers and we need help to do that! We need to get in the weeds with you and figure out what changes need to be made so that we have the best product possible.

  3. Increase efficiency within your organization and the sites you sponsor. We know that our software can save you hundreds of hours of work, increase accuracy, reduce human input errors, and allow you and your sites more time to focus on your real job, providing care. We can do this while at the same time following every rule accurately.

  4. Provide sponsors with time to liaison with their state agency as they implement or switch electronic systems. State agencies do not approve CACFP software systems. This means that it is incumbent upon the sponsor to make sure that a software program can organize and report information in a way that meets recordkeeping requirements set by each state agency. However, it is not practical to create a different version of each CACFP form for each state. That’s where our strategic partners come in; we want our partners to be trusted liaisons and local experts that can collaborate with their state agency to help us create forms that work for everyone.


This section will be updated as we receive more questions from potential applicants.
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What type of sponsoring organizations is My Food Program looking for?
Our ideal strategic partner is a multi-site sponsoring organization. We would also prefer sponsoring organizations that sponsor more than one type of program (i.e. child care centers, family day care homes, emergency shelters, afterschool programs, adult day programs, summer food sites) although that is not a requirement. Sponsoring organizations do not have to be nonprofit 501(c)3 organizations. We would like sponsoring organizations with a positive, collaborative relationship with their state agency. However, above all else we’re interested in sponsoring organizations that truly want to improve their systems. We’re looking for sponsors that understand that organizations, especially nonprofit organizations, need to be run efficiently in order to achieve their mission. After all, you can’t help anyone if you’re out of business.

If we are accepted into the strategic partner program, what do we have to do?
Celebrate! And hopefully reap the benefits of budget savings from the use of free software. We ask that in return for access to premier CACFP software you provide us with specific and thorough feedback on our software. We will collaborate with our strategic partners on the best way to gather feedback and from whom. Options would include online surveys, written feedback forms, phone calls, focus groups, etc. We are also requesting that you alert your state agency that you will be evaluating and potentially implementing a new software solution and invite their feedback to ensure a smooth state agency review.

Does free really mean free? Are there any costs associated with the strategic partner program? What about setup fees?
There are no costs of any kind associated with being our strategic partner. For the full duration of the program we will not charge you a single penny. No setup fees, no annual fees, no development fees, no data access fees, no customer support fees, no maintenance fees, no cancelation fees. Nothing.

What kind of support will My Food Program offer to its strategic partners?
We will offer our strategic partners the same level of support that we offer our paying customers. We are available by telephone, web chat and e-mail during from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time on business days. In addition, we will
  • Import or enter all of your site and participant information
  • Provide custom training materials to your sites
  • Offer web-based training sessions for your staff
  • Walk you through the claims creation and submission process

Is there a limit to how many sites we can add, how many staff we can add or how many claims we can create?
No. You can create as many sites and users as you like and create as many claims as needed.

Is there a dollar limit to the value of the free software subscription? We currently spend thousands of dollars each month on software; can we really save that much?
There is no dollar limit on the value of the strategic partnership. In fact, the more you use the system, the happier we are going to be!

Do we have to continue to use My Food Program software after the six months?
Absolutely not. You are under no obligation or contract to continue using My Food Program software after the strategic partner program is over. Of course we hope that you do, but the choice is entirely yours.

If we do continue to use My Food Program after the strategic partner program is over, what is our pricing?
You will have our standard pricing which is available on our pricing page.

Do I have to sign any kind of contract or agreement if I am selected for the strategic partner program?
We will have a standard agreement that you will sign that indicates that the software is provided at no cost to you and the dates of the strategic partnership. Having the agreement in place is also helpful should you need to document your budget changes with your state agency.

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