Marketing to Parents

Marketing to Parents Image

Parents can often have a difficult time identifying quality care programs. Along with national accreditation programs, staff credential programs and state quality rating and improvement system, participation in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) has been proven to be an indicator of quality care! (For proof, take a look at this recently-published article in Science Direct.)

Showcase your commitment to quality child care! There are many places where you can inform parents of your role in the quality care of their children. This could be a great reminder for some, and new information for others. Either way letting them know the extra steps that you are taking as a center will always be appreciated. Include your message in any of the following communications:


  • Website
  • Print Marketing Materials
  • Email signatures
  • Enrollment Packet
  • Parent Newsletter
  • Daily Sheets
  • Menu
  • Signs at Center
  • Curriculum Projects
  • Child Portfolios
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences

If you are a center that participates in the CACFP you should be sure that your parents, and prospective parents, are aware of all of the benefits that are associated with using this federally-funded program. Along with meeting best practices when it comes to nutrition for the children in your care, you are also supporting an overall healthy environment.

Not sure what to say? Here is one example—feel free to use this or expand it even further with more details and graphics:

Did you know? There was a recent study done by ScienceDirect that links the role of the CACFP with quality child care programs. As a proud participant in the CACFP, we are happy to know that our role in your children’s nutrition goes beyond just the food we serve to an overall healthy environment.