CACFP Training Slides

CACFP Training Slides
Do you need to train staff on the CACFP Meal Pattern? With all of the rules and changing regulations, it can be a bit overwhelming. Trying to gather all of the information and put it together in a clear, visual form can take a lot of staff time and effort. Luckily for you, these training materials already exist!

Team Nutrition has put together a collection of presentation slides on a number of meal pattern requirements. These are available and can be used by State Agencies, sponsoring organizations, and others to train providers, operators, and menu planners on the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) meal patterns. These training materials are an excellent resource where you can be sure that the information is correct. And since they are already developed and available for your use, you can save your staff the time and effort of creating new ones.

These trainings are all designed to be interactive 30-minute trainings. They already incorporate best practices such as learning objectives, interactive activities and evaluation. There are also additional, optional tools available that can be used with these slides. So you can skip over all the work of creating the detailed materials and get right to the training. Below are all of the available presentations. You can click on the cover image to download each presentation.


Adding Whole Grains to Your Menu


Feeding Infants: 0-5 MonthsFeeding Infants: Starting with SolidsHow to Support Breastfeeding in the CACFP


Serving Meat and Meat Alternates at Breakfast


Meal Planning for the CACFPMethods for Healthy CookingOffer vs Serve in the CACFP


Serving Milk in the CACFP


Choose Breakfast Cereals that are Lower in Added SugarsChoose Yogurts That Are Lower in Added Sugar
Visit the USDA CACFP Meal Pattern Training Slides page for more information and to also download the available presentations in Spanish!