New USDA Tip Sheet: Crediting Milk in the Child Nutrition Programs

USDA Milk Crediting Tip Sheet Blog

The USDA has just published their fourth tip sheet. Prior topics include crediting fruits, vegetables and meat/meat alternates. The newest tip sheet focuses on fluid milk and has eight pages of helpful information for CACFP and SFSP sponsors and sites.

We found this graphic to be our favorite in the tip sheet:

USDA Crediting Milk Tip Sheet Graphic

It’s so easy to be confused by which milk can be served to which age range.

If you use My Food Program software, we make it easy! Here are all the ways that we assist providers and centers in ensuring compliance with fluid milk requirements:

  1. Sponsors have full control over the types of fluid milks that can be added to provider or center menus. If you don’t want a provider or center to add a milk to a menu, simply mark it as excluded in your Excluded Foods section in Sponsor Setup.
  2. We make sure that only creditable milks are in our database. For example, we do not have an option for 2% flavored milk for CACFP sites.
  3. My Food Program does an edit check to make sure that all children that attended the meal were offered the fluid milk appropriate for their age. For example, if a child who is 12-23 months old attends a meal, we make sure unflavored whole milk was on the menu. If not, we disallow the meal for those children.
  4. Comprehensive milk audits by fat percentage are available. Centers simply record the amount of milk purchased by fat percentage and My Food Program does the work of calculating milk usage based on meal attendance or food production amounts.
  5. My Food Program also has an option available to ensure that a nutritionally-equivalent fluid milk substitute was on the menu for any child with a special dietary need related to milk that does not provide their own milk substitute.
USDA Milk Crediting Tip Sheet Blog

And if you’re interested in using My Food Program to make participation in the CACFP and SFSP easier, contact us today.