Introducing New Foods: A to Z Challenge

My Food Program Introducing New Foods: A to Z Challenge Blog

Introducing children to new foods helps develop lifelong healthy eating habits. Children who try new foods are more likely to have a balanced diet later in life and are less likely to be picky eaters as they grow. Children may not like every food on the first try. Give plenty of opportunities for children to try new foods again and again, even if they do not like them at first.

Tips for Introducing New Foods to Young Children:

  • Pair a new food with a comfort food that you know the child likes.
  • Be a role model and try the new food yourself.
  • Do not pressure children to eat the new food, if they do not want to taste it, encourage them to touch or smell it, working toward taking a bite in the future.
  • Don’t surprise children with new foods, talk to them about what they are about to eat and compare it to foods that they already enjoy.
  • Be patient, expanding a child’s taste for new food items takes time.
  • Give children choices, allow them to choose which new food they would like to try.
  • Be mindful of portion sizes, a large portion of something unfamiliar can be off putting to children.
  • Make it fun! Create a new food challenge, download our A to Z Food List below for ideas on new foods to explore!